3-Indoleacetic acid (IAA)

Product Name

3-Indoleacetic acid




IAA; Indole -3-acetic acid



Mol. Weight



White crystal


Above 99%

3-Indoleacetic acid is a kind of endogenous auxin commonly present in plants. It has the advantages of maintaining the top of the plant, inducing the transfer of assimilation to the reservoir organs, promoting fruit set, promoting plant cutting rooting, promoting seed germination, promoting fruit maturity and formation Seed and fruit can also promote graft wound healing.

Uses & Benefits:

1) Promote seed germination and regulate seedling growth 
-Treating seeds with 10-30 mg / L 3-Indoleacetic acid can promote corn seed germination and seedling growth.

2) Regulate growth, increase yield and promote quality - When 1-3 true leaves of cucumber seedlings were sprayed with 500 mg / L 3-Indoleacetic acid  on the leaves, the number of female flowers in the plant increased and the number of male flowers decreased.

3) Regulate growth, increase yield and promote quality - Watermelon was sprayed with 15mg / L 3-Indoleacetic acid, and it was used again after an interval of 7 days, which could effectively reduce split melon.

4) Cuttings take root and promote survival - Using 1000-2000mg / L 3-Indoleacetic acid  and dipping roots before cabbage transplantation can promote cabbage rooting and shorten the time of greening.