Plant Extract

Tea Saponin

Tea saponin is a kind of glycoside compounds extracted from camellia oleifera seeds or tea seeds

It is a natural surfactant with good performance. 

It can be widely used in:

  1. Compounding with pesticides

  2. Clean Shrimp & Crab Pond

  3. Control earthworms in golf course or turf

  4. Control slugs in vegetables

Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience is a professional tea saponin supplier in China. 

Hot products are tea saponin powder 60% and tea saponin liquid 30%.


tea saponin powder.png

Tea Saponin Powder


Light yellow powder

Water Solubility






Saponin content


Foamy Height 



10Kg/Kraft Bag

Shelf Life

2 Years

tea saponin liquid.png

Tea Saponin Liquid


Brown LiquidDensity

Saponin content


Solid Content



1000Kg/IBC Tank

Shelf Life

6 Months

1. Compounding with pesticides

In the 1960s and 1970s, tea seed cake was used as a "pesticide" to control rice sheath blight, bacterial blight and other diseases in southern rice areas. The effective component of tea seed cake is tea saponin. It is found that tea saponin can resist food and affect the growth of certain insects. Tea saponin has been used as an insecticide in garden flowers to control underground pests. Japan has used the fire killing earthworm effect of tea saponin to protect Golf course stadium. Tea saponin has also been reported as a preparation for the prevention and treatment of plant viruses. Therefore, the application prospect of tea saponin in agricultural production is promising.

2. Application and development in aquaculture

Tea electricity can not only be used as a pond cleaning agent before breeding, but also be used to kill fire and harm fish in the process of breeding. The application of hundreds of hectares of shrimp ponds along the coastline of the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea has achieved good results.

Tea saponin is used in animal husbandry It can prevent and control parasites on the surface and body of livestock and poultry, reduce the cholesterol level in animals, develop low cholesterol animal products, and is expected to develop low cholesterol animal meat products. The feed additive made of tea saponin can effectively replace antibiotics, reduce diseases common to humans and animals, raise the whole breeding industry to a new level, and finally make people eat assured meat.