S-Abscisic acid (s-ABA)

Product Name

Abscisic acid







Mol. Weight



White crystal


Above 95%

Abscisic acid is widely present in plants. It is one of the endogenous plant hormones with important physiological activities. It is a key factor that balances the metabolism of plant endogenous hormones and related growth-active substances.It is the "first messenger" that initiates the expression of stress resistance genes in plants. It can activate or induce the expression of 150 resistance genes in plants, and initiate the plant's own resistance or adaptation mechanism to adversity.

Uses & Benefits:

1) Prolong dormancy and inhibit germination - Soaking potatoes with 4mg / L Abscisic acid for 30 minutes can inhibit potato germination during storage and prolong dormant period.

2) Robust plants for increased stress resistance - The use of 0.05-0.1mg Abscisic acid  seed dressing treatment per kilogram of seed can improve the growth of corn under drought conditions, improve seed germination potential, germination rate, germination index and vigor index; in corn 3 leaves 1 heart stage, 4-5 Applying 2-3mg / L Abscisic acid spray treatment at leaf stage and 7-8 leaf stage, respectively, can increase the activity of protective enzymes (CAT / POD / SOD), increase chlorophyll content, improve root vigor, and increase ear growth and yield.

3) Promote nutrient accumulation, promote flower bud differentiation and flowering - Spraying the whole plant with 2.5-3.3mg / L Abscisic acid solution three times after the citrus autumn shoots are ripe, after the citrus is harvested, and the next spring buds sprout, can promote citrus flower bud differentiation, increase the number of flower buds, flowers, Fruit set rate and single fruit weight have certain effects on improving quality and yield.

4) Promote coloring - In the early stage of grape fruit coloring, spraying or spraying the whole plant with 200-400mg / L  Abscisic acid solution can promote fruit coloring and increase quality.