Thidiazuron (TDZ)


Thidiazuron is a urea-type highly active cytokinin, which can strongly promote cell division at low concentrations, promote photosynthesis, and accelerate the efficient transport of photosynthetic products to fruits. It can be used to promote fruit setting and fruit expansion, to keep leaves green, to delay leaf senescence, and to induce callus differentiation and budding. It is a cotton decidant at high concentration. After being absorbed by the cotton plant leaves, it can promptly promote the natural formation of the detached tissue between the petiole and the stem to leave the leaf. Improve cotton rank.

Thidiazuron Description:

Product NameThidiazuron
CAS# 51707-55-2
Synonyms 1,2,3-Thiadiazole,urea deriv   
Mol. WeightC9H8N4OS
Purity 97%
Melting Point210-212℃
Residues after ignition≤1.0%
Loss on drying≤2.0%

Uses & Benefits:

1) Regulate growth and increase yield - Spraying 3mg / L Thidiazuron medicinal solution once during the rice division and flowering stages can improve the quality of rice agronomic traits, increase the number of panicles and seed setting of rice, reduce the number of grains, and increase yield is 15.9%.

2) Regulate growth and increase yield - Spray the plants with 4-6mg / L Thidiazuron medicinal solution about 5 days after the grapes bloom, and use it a second time every 10 days to promote fruit setting and fruit expansion and increase yield.

3) Regulate growth and increase yield - In the center of the apple tree blossom 10% -20% and full bloom period, each application with 2-4mg / L Thidiazuron solution can promote fruit setting.
4) Defoliant - When more than 60% of cotton peach is cracked, spray the leaves evenly according to 15-30mg / m2 Thidiazuron and water to promote defoliation.

Apart from Thidiazuron 97% TC, Jiang Su Cycle Bioscience also produce and supply Thidiazuron 50% WP (wettable powder), which is a ready formulation.

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