Triacontanol (TRIA)

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Mol. Weight



White crystal


Above 90%

Triacontanol can be absorbed by the stems and leaves of plants, which can promote plant growth and increase dry matter accumulation. Triacontanol can improve cell permeability, promote mineral absorption, increase protein content and dry matter mass; increase chlorophyll content, increase crop photosynthetic intensity; increase amylase, polyphenol oxidase, peroxidase activities, and promote Seed germination and root development. Triacontanol can promote plant germination, rooting, stem and leaf growth and flowering, make crops ripe early, increase seed setting rate, enhance cold and drought resistance, increase yield and improve quality.

Uses & Benefits:

1) Promote germination and increase germination rate - Soaking seeds with 0.05 mg / L triacontanol for 6 hours can increase germination rate and germination potential, increase three kernel pods, reduce single kernel pods, and increase the number of single pod beans.


2) Promote germination and increase germination rate - Soaking seeds with 1 mg / L triacontanol for 24 hours can promote the germination of cucumber seeds and improve the disease resistance of seedlings.


3) Regulate growth, increase yield and improve crop quality - From the flowering stage to the flowering stage, foliar spray with 0.1-0.5mg / L tricosanol medicinal solution can increase the nitrogen fixation activity of the nodules and the activity of nitrate reductase in the leaves, promote the absorption of nitrogen by soybeans, and make the leaves Color increase green, increase photosynthesis and material accumulation, increase seed setting rate and 100-grain weight, increase yield by 21.1%.

4) Regulate growth, increase yield and improve crop quality -Starting from the time of tomato planting, seedlings were sprayed with 0.1-1.0 mg / L of triacontanol. It is advisable to use it 2-3 times during the whole growth period, and every 7 to 10 days. Significant increase in production.